Our Scout Troop is open to boys and girls between the age of 10 and 14 years old. Our Cubs Pack provides an automatic feeder into our Scout Troop between the age of 10 and 10 and a half. If you are looking for action and adventure you’ve come to the right place. Our weekly meeting is on Friday from 7.45 pm until 9.45 pm.

Over the past 2 years we have tried to ensure that there is at least one activity or camp per month. We usually have a sponsored camp or activity for charity. The last sponsored camp was a cardboard city camp to highlight the plight of the homeless. Sometimes a day out for the Troop is organised e.g ice skating. Also at Christmas a day out is usually arranged. Archery is popular, the Scouts all enjoy this activity.

Almost all the scouts who have stayed until they are 14 have gained their Chief Scout’s Gold Award. This is the highest award available to a Scout and is achieved by completing all 9 of the Challenge Badges.

Scouts with map

Here are some of the camps, activities and days out we have enjoyed, as well as our weekly meetings:

  • Jamborees in Denmark
  • Climbing – indoor and outdoor
  • Canoeing and fencing
  • Activity Camp at Walesby
  • Sponsored Cardboard City Camp
  • Winter Camp at Gilwell London
  • Ice Skating
  • Sailing, parascending and gliding
  • Army Camp
  • Hiking and Orienteering
    and the list goes on… and on… and on!

‘Every child has the right to an adventure. Life is about grabbing opportunities. These are simple life lessons that Scouting teaches. It’s all about friendship and fun and adventure – people who might not normally have the chance for adventure. Scouts are shining lights in their communities.’

Bear Grylls, Chief Scout