We are a very well established, enthusiastic and active Scout Group based on Newbold Road, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. 1st Highfield Scout Group was registered on 1st June 2007 – how can such a new group be so well established you might ask yourself! Actually we are the result of a very successful merger of two local groups.

The two groups were 24th Chesterfield (Christchurch) and 27th Chesterfield (St Andrews).  Both groups had been on the go for quite a while! The two groups were 24th Chesterfield was first registered in 1943 and 27th Chesterfield from 18th November 1949.

So as you will see (or experience first hand if you join) merging the two groups together gave us a wealth of knowledge and experience from an already committed group of leaders and committee members. Since June 2007 the group is continuing to go from strength to strength.

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We organise regular fund raising events to ensure we have the equipment to provide a great adventure and lots of activities for our young people. Remember we like to encourage our ‘young people of today to become good citizens of tomorrow’! Can you help? We would love to hear from you!


Easily recognised by their turquoise sweatshirts, Beaver Scouts enjoy making friends, playing games, going on visits and helping others.


The question should be: what don’t Cubs do? From swimming and music to exploring and computing and collecting, Cubs enjoy an action packed programme.


Scouts take part in a balanced programme that helps them to find out about the world where they live. They’ll discover talents they never knew they had. Being outdoors is important and half the programme is given over to taking part in both Scouting skills, such as camping and cooking as well as adventurous activities, from abseiling to yachting.

‘Every child has the right to an adventure. Life is about grabbing opportunities. These are simple life lessons that Scouting teaches. It’s all about friendship and fun and adventure – people who might not normally have the chance for adventure. Scouts are shining lights in their communities.’

Bear Grylls, Chief Scout